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Address  6502 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3X9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-327-7068
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Work time

  • monday: 24 часа в сутки
  • tuesday: 24 часа в сутки
  • wednesday: 24 часа в сутки
  • thursday: 24 часа в сутки
  • friday: 24 часа в сутки
  • saturday: 24 часа в сутки
  • sunday: 24 часа в сутки


24 hours but after about 9-10 they lock the door and you have to order through the window. I live nearby and frequent this store even with three other convenience stores nearby. This one has everything and friendly staff. They also have a public washroom. Unfortunate that they no longer sell cartons of milk.

Good, clean gas station. Never had a line up here before.

Not too busy, Good diesel

Good location

I need gas
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