Proactive Dental Studio - Surrey Dentist

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Address  15225 104 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 6Y8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-583-4242
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Let me start my saying I've had A LOT of dental work from fillings to extractions to surgeries, and I gotta say the extraction I had today was most impressive. It took all but 10 minutes between the starting it to end(not inciuding numbing). Plus it only took him two tries to get me fully numb when most of the time I'm stopping dentists four to five times throughout the process. I left extremely impressed with the quick work and can't wait to continue going back. I feel I made the right decision going here, plus the front staff are very friendly and attentive!

I am impressed with the staff at Proactive Dental Studio. Nancy, Julie, and Christina have provided excellent service throughout and am very happy that my teeth have found a new home at this dental office :)

My teeth always feel ten times cleaner after a visit here! I could brush my teeth ten times a day and it’d still be nothing like a thorough cleaning at a good dentist

I hadn't been to the dentist in over 3 years after my regular dentist retired. I was really nervous to go to a new place. I tried out Proactive and was really happy with what I found. The staff are amazing. So friendly. They are also great at sending reminders about your upcoming appointments... something I find super helpful so I dont double book myself! The heigenist helped remove some long standing plaque and discoloration on my teeth within one quick visit. I have been back a number of times now for my regular 6 month checkups and am still very pleased with Proactive!

I had heard they do Invisalign here, and that was definitely an option I was looking for when I was told I needed some form of braces. The staff worked with me to be sure that they would work and have been with me every step of the way since.

I am a habitual coffee drinker, and really needed to get teeth whitening done before I took some professional head shots. Was very pleased with the whitening I had done here.

I had an old filing that was damaged and needed replaced. I was so happy with the inlay and was surprised when it was explained that it isn’t like the old silver filling. It looks natural and feels great.
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