Puccino's Coffee Bar

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Address  7495 132 St #1014, Surrey, BC V3W 1J8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-594-2400
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This place might be a bit hard to find if you don't know where to look, but once your inside its really cozy. Foods great, coffees great its just a good place to go to for breakfast.

A wonderful little coffee shop with authentic Italian feel located in a business park. A little bit hard to find but a great spot to chill.

In a sea of fast food it is a treat to have fresh made lunch items. The egg salad sandwich is flavorful with dill, green onion and celery. The chicken salad is sweet and savory with cranberries and th crunch of celery. I often get the special that you pair up a sandwhich with salad for 7.98. My favorite choice is the zesty pasta salad. Today I enjoyed the thai chicken coconut soup that warmed me up on this rainy day.

Nice little place tucked away in a plaza.

Great quiet location! Friendly staff and good coffee. Great place to have a meeting!

Cozy and nice coffee shop.

The ladies are wonderful n so is the food..its a great place to relax or have a meeting
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