Real Canadian Superstore

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Address  2332 160 St, Surrey, BC V3S 9N6, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-545-0431
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I like superstore for their strong brands giving the shopper lots of options especially for simple ingredients. They generally have pretty low prices across the board in my opinion even the president's choice brand. I'd pretty much just say superstore is like Walmart on crack.

I love the underground parking. This store never has lineups at the checkout. My only complaint is that if you need help, good luck in finding a staff member to ask! Good selection of hard to find items at this particular store keeps me coming back. I also like their selection of clothing and home goods.

Cleanest Superstore I've ever been to. This is the cleanest and most neat superstore I've ever been to. There is rarely a huge lineup for the cashier or see stuff spilled all over the place like other Superstores that I went to. I love the selection at Joe Fresh fashion and the books section. I was never a big fan of Superstore because of how crowded or messy some aisles are. But this Superstore is a delight and I'll definitely frequent again in the future.

Meat is super cheap at this location. Unfortunately not everything seems to be organized too well (tomato paste found in one of those random buckets near the cold section and nothing in the ketchup/sauces aisle??) so it takes a lot of back and for to go through my grocery list - specially when you’re only looking for a fair few things. Otherwise the location is great, easy access, good parking, and friendly staff. Not as many of the cash registers open as I would like but there’s always the self-checkout and someone there to assist you.

I have shopped at the real Canadian superstore since the first one opened in Burnaby,BC then I shopped at the Grandview highway location. After moving to south Surrey 25 years ago, I shopped at the Langley store and now the White Rock/South Surrey location. In all the years that I have shopped in your store never, ever have I had service like I did yesterday. I like everything Thursday shop with my mom pushing her in a wheelchair. After we go through check out. I request a shopping cart. Someone always brings one over. They usually help me pack my mother’s groceries. Then I leave my mom in the store and load the car then I go back in the store to get my mom. But NOT yesterday. The cashier kindly called someone to bring a shopping cart. The lady finished packing the groceries. Then she insisted on taking the groceries to the car. She assisted me in transferring my mom back into her own wheel chair as we used the store one with attached cart. She followed us out to the car. When I said thank you. She says where would you like your groceries. In the trunk or the back seat. Lori then loaded all the groceries in the back seat while I helped my mom into the car. Thank you so much Lori you are one of a kind and I hope the store appreciates you for all your hardwork and your outstanding customer service. You made my day a little easier and it was much appreciated.

So many choices from food to clothing. Open demo 7 to 11. Underground parking is great as well

Beautiful, brand new, clean store with great lighting and organized aisles and shelves of product. Lots of selection and the Superstore brands (such as Blue Menu) are good. I’ve found beautiful kitchenware and even bed linens here, and prices are always reasonable and competitive. Late hours are great as well, and have had no problems with the couple of experiences I’ve had with customer service. Recommend :)

Good selection and friendly staff. A new favorite Grocery store in the area. Lots of really great prices too. Highly recommended. The location can be a bit busy but its worth it.

Location is great, parking is always fine. There's often enough staff, and the food is usually fresh, other than the seafood section, which usually has food that expires the next day. I would recommend coming here to get your groceries, but nothing else.

parking is great, isles inside are massive in comparison to other locations. They also have a large BC Wines section! Items are almost always in stock, the facilities are clean and staff is incredibly friendly and helpful.

I shop regularly at this location and am generally happy with the service and products offered. There have only been a couple of times, over the last 3 years since they’ve opened, that they were out of something I had on my shopping list. Staff are helpful and knowledgeable about product locations in the store.

Love the location. Lots of parking. The only thing holding back a full 5 star review is that this location does not do online grocery shopping!! I really hope that changes. Also I find it lacks an electronics section in the store.

Good layout, good prices, friendly staff. Would appreciate bigger European food selection.

Clean, organized and reasonable prices for most products at this South Surrey location. Always a few great deals. If you collect Optimum points you can use these to pay.

the place is clean and tidy and shopping was a breeze and did not have any trouble finding stuffs i was looking for. The price is awesome and getting most of my groceries on a sale price. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also a plus.
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