Rialto Twin Theatre

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Address  1732 152 St, Surrey, BC V4A 4N4, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-541-9527
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Saw death of Stalin today. Enjoyed it. Older theatre but great popcorn, friendly staff. Small theatre with a touch of class. In some ways reminds me of the Fraser theatre I spent Saturday mornings in the 1960's. Will check it out again for movies they don't send to the premier theaters.

So wonderful to have this theatre here. Of course you cannot bring in your own food. This little theatre has to make a profit somehow and that is one of the ways of doing it. We enjoy coming to see great movies here! Thanks for keeping it going! At times it must be difficult to get the crowds! Good Luck!

Never going to another theater, I'll wait tiiwhat I want to see comes here. Cozy without feeling old or dingy, just lovely.

Like having your own theatre. Intimate surroundings yet the screen is big enough and the sound is of absolute high quality that it becomes a real, yet cozy, movie night out. Would not be surprised if the proprietor is a movie fan. It just has that "movie lovers" feel.

Took my elderly dad there for a matinee and the staff was absolutely lovely. For both my dad and I and some snacks it cost us 31dollars total. Pretty cheap daddy daughter date! We had a great time and we are going again today! See you there!

Great little hidden gem of White Rock. Wonderful art deco interior with friendly staff. Always a great selection of awards calibre movies that don't always show up at the big theatres. Check this place out and support a family business that needs you!

One of the very last theatres like this around—support the Rialto! Don’t let them go out of business! I will be heartbroken if the ever shut down. Such an iconic part of White Rock.

I'll be sad if this place ever goes. It's frozen in time, but such a quaint experience.
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