Richmond-Brighouse Station

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Address  6222 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2B3, Canada
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Brighouse Station is at the heart of Richmond’s cultural, recreational and administrative offerings. Located on No 3 Road between Saba and Cook Roads, Brighouse Station is within easy walking distance of shopping, community centres, a wonderful park, theatre and much more

Busy and crowded, but always worth the visit for the colourful characters you meet. Saw Honey Boo Boo's mom here one time. Also, an old guy outside spent a solid 4 hours trying to sell a bike that I'm 98% sure wasn't his. The bus drivers on the street often play "chicken" with each other to get to pickup spots first.

Trains every six minutes. Quick way to get into town. Used it about 12 times over three days and never had any issues.

There is literally one line in and out of Richmond. How the heck can we even review this? Its not like there is another station across the road you can choose that is nicer. Only other options are the other stations on the same track, which you have to take a possibley crowded bus to, and go through a ton of traffic to get there. You really dont like it? Take the bus (is going to slower), buy a car (thats expensive), walk (excersize and freshish air), or take a bike (more excersize and possibly getting ran over by Richmonds "careful drivers")

Needs more shaded area. You roast if you start on the plat form longer than a minute.
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