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Smilestones Junior Kindergarten Preschool and Daycare North Surrey

9115 160 St, Surrey, BC V4N 2X4, Канада
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+1 604-583-7090

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There is a special place in heaven for the fine people at Smilestones! Both of my daughters went there for a good chunk of their early lives and I couldn't be happier with the experience, the care given, and the amount that they developed behaviorally, socially, and academically under Smilestones' care and teaching. These people put their heart and soul into caring for children, and it shows in who they are and how they succeed after leaving. Did I mention that they send dozen of pictures and videos every week so that you can initiate conversations with your kids about their day at school (see picture)? The sheer effort in doing this alone is worth every penny. 5 big gold stars to Miss Amy, Miss G and the rest, THANK YOU.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Both our daughters attended the North Surrey Smilestones for a total of 2 years. My partner and I were very impressed with the school cleanliness, organization and the most of all with the teachers' knowledge, care and patience. They were able to be consistent in their rules and messages, and they helped my daughter learn to read and write before she ever started kindergarten! Here are a few bullet points that highlights why I love their program: - they provide structured and unstructured play times - their themes are engaging and co-collaborative (according to the children's interests) - their art program is innovative and hands-on - their focus on scientific method and scientific experiments is a great introduction to science - they have a music program with a dedicated music instructor - PE includes practicing yoga - lunches and snacks provided by the centre are nutritious and catered by a local cafe in Crescent Beach - their methodology for teaching math is hands-on and theme-integrated - their methodology for language learning is story-based but it includes phonetic instruction, rhyme, song I HIGHLY recommend this preschool. It's worth every penny!

Have had our two children at this facility for over two years. Very well managed facility with well developed systems in place including excellent communication to the parents. The Staff turnover is very low and the they are all knowledgeable, helpful and well organized. We have benefited greatly from their experience and handling of our children while in their care. The materials are constantly being updated and are very age/skillset appropriate. The facility and outdoor play area is excellent for this application as it was a school prior to being retrofitted to a Junior Kindergarten. We are very pleased that our children are in such great hands and recommend it without reservation to others.

И мои дети пошли в это место. Они любили это место так много, что даже в их выходные дни они спрашивают меня, если они могут, пожалуйста, в школу сегодня. Я не могу сказать достаточно о госпоже Эми и г-жа G, они настолько организованы и всегда готовы к предстоящим недель. И независимо от того, насколько они заняты, они всегда есть время, чтобы дать вам обновленную информацию о том, как ваш день детей пошел, что они есть и что они узнали о
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