Spa Utopia Health & Wellness Center - Langley

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Address  106, 20486 64 Ave, Langley, BC V2Y 1N4, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-539-8772
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Oh how wonderful place that is. My little gateway every month. I am really enjoying every part of it starting with great welcome center till make up touch up on the end. When you get to Spa Utopia, they will greet you and serve you like royalty. You can enjoy their services and facility including sauna, showers, all different kind of massages and treatments so you almost don't want to leave the place.

Spa Utopia is pricey for a massage in the Fraser Valley. However, the amenities (steam room, shower, well-appointed lounge, teas and flavoured water) are second to none. It's worth the extra money to indulge in a Spa Utopia massage. The value for your money is there.

What a relaxing oasis in Langley. It felt nice to just get away and feel like I was in a different place for a few hours while getting an awesome facial and massage. Highly recommend this place and the facilities were very clean

Went for a massage, definitely the best spa I've ever been to, friendly staff and customer service at it's best.

Clean, and have great friendly staff but the Vancouver Pan Pacific hotels Spa Utopia is by far the best. Even the North Vancouver one due to the scenery while you relax in the waiting area.

Nice spa, but extremely busy. Sometimes so busy that appointments overlap and run late. No room to relax in lounge and over crowding in change rooms. No fault at all to the staff. Every staff member is very helpful and friendly.

Lovely atmosphere and service. I always leave happy with my treatment and overall experience. However, the attention to detail that once made this place extra special is no longer there.
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