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Address  17967 56 Ave Space #6, Surrey, BC V3S 1E2, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-576-7828
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Love this place. Always ask them to surprise me as I never know what I want. They always take extra care. Way better than some other coffee shops in the area.

Best location ever!! Customer service is extraordinaire and the staff are so sweet!! From the moment I opened the door I was acknowledged and dealt with perfectly. Thank you!

Starbucks is simply a great coffee place. Can be a bit over priced but quality coffee none the less.

You just gotta love Starbucks. They have that signature coffee that is unbeatable. Of course, you pay a little more, but I think it's worth it.

Two very enjoyable visits to Starbucks in a row. I'm not sure if it's the season but wow is the Starbucks staff extremely pleasant and outgoing and wonderful. Very engaging and interested in hearing about my day and they're moving fast and getting the drinks made in a hurry. Well done Starbucks.

I usually have good service at this location, only draw back is that its always busy. I come here on my break which is only 15 mins long and I like that the manager respects that. one time I came here, placed my order and waited for my drink. 2 of the baristas were just chatting and not doing anything while I was standing there waiting. the manger turns to them and request for them to make my drink and points out that im waiting. I like it when people value my time as my time is important. today was seamless. I went over and ordered the new rose tea latte and it was very tasty indeed.

Very welcoming staff good quality Beverages and food

Good staff at this location. Very friendly, drinks are always hot and the cup always full to the top.... not 3/4 like a lot of other locations. Favorite location in Cloverdale.
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