Surrey Alliance Church

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Address  13474 96 Ave, Surrey, BC V3V 1Y9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-584-7617
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Surrey Alliance is more than just a church building, it's a community and a home for everyone who walks through the doors. I've attended this church for many years and the passion they have to care for and serve the city around them is just one of the reasons I'm proud to call it home. The pastor is down to earth and full of understanding, the worship music is fantastic, and the people are friendly and caring. Definitely worth checking out!

Excellent place and wonderful people who care about the world. I like it!!

Great environment with great relevant talks. Would recommend visiting this church!

My husband and I went to this church when we first moved back to BC. He wasn't a church person as he had a bad experience from another church. The very first time we went to this church it was so welcoming. He walked out of the church that day and said to me, " For the first time in my life I felt welcome and love by a church". Here we are 2.5 years later and we are members, hubby accepted Jesus as his savior, and we both have been baptized at this church together. To complete our circle in Christ we are renewing our vows on our anniversary in "Our Church" with our amazing Pastor and our church family. The staff, Pastor Byron, Pastor Brenda and Pastor Hudi and Joan are the most amazing people. Their love for Jesus is clearly noticeable. The truly do care about everyone. I have witnessed this many times over the last 2.5 years - truly people of God. From the board of elders to every member of our church family, they are all so caring.

Love this church! From my first Sunday I felt welcomed and apart of the community here. Joining a City Group changed my life and the friends in that group quickly became family and helped my wife and I through many seasons. I love the meat and potatoe preaching, none of the fluff stuff you see in so many churches... Pastor Byron's talks are straight from the bible with applicable, take home points for daily living. If you're looking for a church to call home in Surrey, you found it.

I have attended Surrey Alliance church for just over one year, and I can full heartedly say Surrey Alliance is a wonderful place to worship god. It all starts with the people that attend..Friendly and caring the members of Surrey Alliance church have welcomed me with arms wide open and really made me feel like i was a part of their family. I have really enjoyed my time spent at the church and especially the lessons via Sunday morning Sermons by Lead Pastor Byron O'Neill. His knowledge of the scriptures and informative and passionate way of delivering God's message, is what really sets Surrey Alliance church apart. His attention to detail, genuine unselfishness and true love for Jesus and our heavenly Father makes the experiance something unforgettable, and just so satisfying. There have been times when I had no one to turn to and Pastor Byron was always there to guide me and help me get through my darkest times." Love god and love people" is a quote from Pastor Byron that I now use in my day to day life. with A great sense of humor and true passion for his ministry, he really knows how to make people feel welcome and at home when they come to Surrey Alliance church. Everyone at Surrey Alliance is just awesome. Pastor Brenda Sasaki (Pastor of Community Life and Missional Engagement) been very kind to me as well. She has helped me work through issues, in my day to day life regarding my relationships and really left me with a sense of purpose and hope. Everyone at Surrey Alliance is treated like family, all of us God's children..The staff and worship team are great people and truly go out of their way to help you feel like you a part of something special. Kids will really enjoy Sundays at the church as well, as Pastor of Next Generation, Hudi Mansell really knocks it out of the park when working with kids. You can tell how much time and effort he really applies to teaching those kids the message of Jesus and our heavenly father. I can't say enough about Surrey Alliance, it's staff and congregation..Words can't fully express the amount of love that resonates through the walls of the church. Surrey Alliance always has events and programs to get involved with and truly makes you feel like you're part of something special. All I can say is that you should come by and experiance it for yourself..Come by and investigate Jesus..I did and have never looked back..Great place to be!

Amazing church with incredible community! They've become our family! The pastor & staff are great! Music is upbeat & modern! Love this church!

Great place to worship warm friendly people. Great community. Good down-to-earth preaching. Real people.
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