Surrey MRI

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Address  5660 192 St, Surrey, BC V3S 2V7, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-574-1610
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Very good service and all staff are professional and friendly with high efficiency.

I laid in the Chilliwack hospital for 2 weeks waiting for an "emergency" MRI. 2 weeks. Disgusting. Surrey MRI was the first place I called who could fit me in ASAP. The price is reasonable (I thought it would be triple what it was). After the first MRI, they noticed something on my scan. Called me immediatly and I was back within 4hrs to have a second done with contrast dye or what ever it's called. Simply amazing, don't wait on our broken health care system to get you one. It could cost you your life or abilitys. Hopefully I never have to return. But if I do. It will be here.

The MRI service at Surrey MRI is amazing. The Prices are also great here in comparison to other MRI clinics. For example, the MRI clinics in Burnaby charge 1450$ for 2 MRI of the head, while Surrey MRI only charges about 750$. Will recommend this place for any families that are in need of an immediate MRI and cannot wait for a year through the healthcare system.

The ladies in this place are wonderful, caring individuals who were very professional but very caring in their treatment. Without a doubt one of my best experiences in dealing with my terminal disease. Keep up the good work ladies, you were great.

Fantastic MRI Clinic, highly recommend it to anyone!
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