Surrey Place Dental Group

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Address  2446 Central City, Surrey, BC V3T 2W1, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-585-4044
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Nice service...the staff are courteous...very professional and educative.... I had to get my retainer fixed and was worried of the cost as i didn’t have insurance, however ,they charged well below estimate...(even waived off some charge)...! Highly recommended with five stars in competency, professionalism, courteousness, ambience and value for money..!!

My wife had a great experience here when she went in. The staff is friendly, explains everything they're doing as they do it, and clearly care about patient comfort and satisfaction. They went out of their way to get her old X-rays from another dentist, which saved us money and time. This office is a real hidden gem in the city of Surrey and we'd recommend it to families and friends.

Of all the dental offices and dentists I've visited in my life, none have surpassed my wonderful experiences here. Dr. Thakore, the hygienists and the staff are all thorough, friendly and communicative. Being able to compare identical treatments here versus elsewhere, I can confidently say that Dr. Thakore is the best dentist I've had the pleasure of meeting, and by a wide margin too.

Thank you Surrey Place dental for helping me with my toothache. I can honestly say the pain is gone and I just had the best sleep I had in years.

Another smooth dental appointment. I would like to personally thank the staff and Surrey Place Dental for a fine job. No waiting, no hassle, no nonsense! 5 stars and 2 thumbs up

Surrey Place Dental Group is by far THE BEST dental office I have EVER been to! From the warm greetings at the front desk to the ultra professionalism of both Dr Islur and Dr Maru made my dental experience a complete pleasure. I informed Dr Islur on my first visit that I would rather fight a bear than sit in a denstist chair. He walked me through the whole process and now I have no fear of the dentist at all. I wish I could still have this as my dental office, unfortunately I moved to AB. I would highly recommend this dental office for all your dental needs.
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