Surrey Sport & Leisure Complex - Aquatics

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Address  16555 Fraser Hwy #110, Surrey, BC V4N 0E9, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-501-5950
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Love it! Beautiful swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and steam room, leisure pool for kids and slide to enjoy. Many options for swimming lessons and courses to take. Changing rooms are nice and clean including shower area. My family loves there gym as well and Ice skating as well. All you need for sports and leisure for whole family in one place. Wonderful!

Family uses the pool weekly, nice place to go. Pools are well thought out. BUT the shower/change rooms are almost always very dirty. Great wads of hair, Q-tips and other disposable personal hygiene items. Really quite unsanitary.

Very clean, massive facility. Skating, swimming, huge gym. Big windows, awesome slides and kid amenities. Great for the family, shared youth and adult hottub. Clean changing rooms, not overcrowded, have been coming here since it was new. Great memories here.

My second time coming here to use the pool and I really love it. The staff are super friendly! Only gave 4 star for the reason that the the universal change room needs to be rinsed more often. There is hair and garbage all over the floors.

Great place for a swim. Could be a little more kid friendly as there are no water features. I would still recommend this place to anybody.

Great place with good professional gym and full size pool. They have good physiotherapy clinic , Orion Health Surrey attached to the building. Very convenient.

The newest ice rinks have aluminum stands which suck heat from your bum. At late night hockey the main lobby and swimming pools shut down leaving only the foyer and the stands for seating. The swimming pools are very nice including children's, general and lengths-only pools. Hot tub, sauna and water slide are available. Private change rooms are available but not as numerous as at facilities being built today. Haven't used weight rooms.
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