Terry's No Frills

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Address  15355 Fraser Hwy, Surrey, BC V3R 3P3, Canada
Phone number  +1 866-987-6453
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If you're looking for name brand or special services you won't find it here. This is a basic food store. No fancy name brands, no bakery, deli or meat counter, or cheese corner. What makes this place great are the bargains you can find such as Campbell chicken or beef stock that are around $2.00 at a larger store, you'll get for $1.29 or canned tomatoes; $1.89 vs $0.79. They may not be a name brand but Unico is just a label on a can of tomatoes which is really all it's about. You just never know when you're going to get a great sale for something you need. It's a no frills store.

Fair prices and the staff was very helpful. The store is a decent size with a wide range of products. There is a bathroom available but you have to request the key from one of the staff. I give this place to four stars out of five as the bathroom wasn't in the best condition.

I would say out of all grocery stores .. no frills is the cheapest and the quality of products is not degraded as to compensate for low price.. Once i went in evening and asked them for fresh spinach , and the lady working there grabbed it instantly for me.. :) Also if you are fond of sweet tamarind , its readily available here .. couldn't find it in other grocery stores.

Удивительные цены, дешевле Walmart! Отличные продажи тоже. Было бы неплохо, если бы они были открыты раньше утром, а затем ночью

One stop shop for my family, you get almost everything that you need for your household, also allows you to exchange plastic bottles. Must try their $5 cakes - the chocolate and red velvet cakes are delicious.

Good variety products fruit and vegetables appear fresh. Got through ck out pretty quick.

Great place to shop as long as if you go in the evening you don't want anything off the top shelves.. never anything stocked..and what it left it too far back to reach..and no one around to help . Must be a great place to work because the employees sure stand around a lot talking rather than stocking. Seriously not kidding they must really like working there. .. you can tell the guys in the back part like working there , just a little too friendly with each other and really sometimes don't focus on the customers as much as they probably should.
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