The Clayton Pub

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Address  5640 188 St, Surrey, BC V3S 7Y1, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-571-1615
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Thanks to the great open house I was able to see all the rooms of this place. It's a well used facility good location with lots of parking. They now have a wold class chef and rooms that are well maintained and cheerful. Check it out.

I went here for a paint nite and had a great time. Food and drinks were good and we were in a private room at the back. I would totally go back. Looks like they have a nice patio too.

Service was a above average, food was very tasty. Best local pub with good prices! Will definitely be returning.

The Pub is really good and the food is yummy but the service I got was okay. I saw that the manager is very attentive and provide the waitress with help if needed. Reccomend coming here once at least to give them a try.

Great service from Alisha! We had a room for my mom's 75th birthday. Spot on service and quality food at reasonable prices. Excellent!!

Great staff. A bit of a hidden gem. Amazing patio. Great alternative to the more popular watering holes

This is a good place....first time here and happy hour appies were delish....delightful staff
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