The Maria Montessori School Ltd Preschool Surrey

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Address  8597 156 St, Surrey, BC V3S 3R8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-597-0638
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Very good school. my daughter is just completing kindergarten,she is going to miss it so much. The school played a big part in making our transition in to BC so school,Thanks.

So happy I chose to put my 3 year old daughter in this Montessori. It’s amazing how much she has learned in such little time. Mrs. Van Meel is amazing and has really helped with my daughter’s separation anxiety.

My son went to Maria Montessori school at 2.5. He absolutely loved it there! The kids are very welcoming and his teachers are very supportive and truly care about the kids' education and well-being. I feel that the Montessori Method really does empower students to become critical thinkers in this school. Great teachers, great education, great environment!

My son went to this school we had such a good experience we loved it. Teachers are very welcoming cooperative it's very easy transition for my child to go in kindergarten with such an advance level. Thanks a lot to all the teachers....

BEST school ever!
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