Thrifty Foods

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Address  Building E, Croydon Dr #102, Surrey, BC V3Z2L5, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-542-7851
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Almost five star. They could have more vegan/vegetarian whole foods on the shelves like Ripple, but the selection isn’t that big. They’ve got lots of Organic stuff which I love. Good bulk section and wonderful bakery. Good pizzas too if you need takeout! Flame cooked in house. Sometimes they’re low on stock, but it’s not bad. Great location. Prices are a little higher than other places, but they choose local first so you get what you pay for. Decent customer service.

Clean, bright and fresh. Good produce and awesome meat departments, fantastic deli section with an excellent variety of take and bake or take and warm foods. Bakery, sushi, and plant/flower departments also rock! A little pricey but the quality is second to none. Love the place.

Thrifty Foods is always a great place to shop. There is a good selection of top quality produce and meats. It is always a good shopping trip.

Maybe a bit more expensive than other places but you know you are getting the best quality ingredients possible.

This location has a great selection. Food is generally more expensive but it's worth the quality. Service is great, and the store is very clean and tidy.

Great selection of meats and produce. Most general grocery items seem to be priced high

Awesome local fresh food yes you pay a little more that's how it works when you want quality
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