Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop

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Address  2438 160 St #30, Surrey, BC V3S 0C8, Canada
Phone number  +1 604-385-4800
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I've been to Tommy Gun's multiple times each with a different barber. The cut and treatment are great (probably one of the better places I have been to). Make sure to ask for a clean shave on the neck if you want to pamper yourself a bit as the head massage and neck massage and worth every penny. The only issue I have is that there is no reservation system in place. The common issue I read is the wait times. I can relate and still don't understand why you don't have a reservation system in place. The staff have explained that "men don't show up for their appointments" hence the wait list system. it hurts me to say that I'm inclined to go elsewhere since there are multiple options in the neighborhood that take appointments however the level of service that I have received has been good.

I've been here twice and both times, the service has been fantastic. I go for a bald shave and a beard trim. I'm greeted properly and then I have excellent conversation and jokes all over the place with the staff. Today I went to see Shelby and she was amazing, really took the time to get all my beard hairs proper without using a shaver. Wonderful person to talk to as well.

I find the service exceptional. They have a reservation system which sends a text message notification when your appointment is ready. If that doesn’t work, the staff will call you personally. You have a choice of which stylist to sit with, or you can take the next one in line. They will provide you with courtesy refreshments and reading materials while you wait. TV, magazines, iPads and whatnot are also available. And they always give me a good cut when I’m there. Our family have probably gone there 50 times and I think between everyone we’ve maybe had one or two cuts that were a little short. And those were pretty much my fault. The cuts and service have definitely been several times better than many of the lower priced competitors in the area. Some of their products are perceptibly pricey, but in the context of what these things sell for at other places, they’re competitive. Other items go on sale, too, so you can get a deal if you wait. And they sometimes have kitschy things like cuff links or bow ties, to add a bit of flourish to your wardrobe. Further, the loyalty program rewards frequent patrons with a free cut. Seems they are doing a lot to keep customers happy. If you are dissatisfied with the service, it’s probably on you to take action and remedy the situation. They would likely address the deficiency accordingly.

I had originally made a poor review over a poor haircut but tommy guns had contacted me and apologized for the mistake, I think I was perhaps a little hasty in my review and i am glad they have cleared things up with me. One thing I will say is that the service is very good when I do go, everyone is extremely polite and beverages are always offered. The girl on the phone was very sincere in the apology and it is good to see that type of quality in this type of service. I am sure I will give Tommy guns another chance.
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