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Walnut Grove School Of Music & Dance

8747 204 St, Langley, BC V1M 2Y5, Канада
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+1 604-882-0422

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Eight years ago my two sons, now 15 and almost 18, started their music lessons at the School of Music and Dance. My youngest son has had the pleasure of being taught piano by Joanne. She, like all of the other teachers we have interacted with over the years, is professional, consistent and an excellent communicator. We are always kept informed about his progress and his challenges. He had actually started taking drumming lessons at the school but the teacher was able to identify after a few months of lessons that he would be better suited to the piano. As I hear him practice and perform now while working through the Royal Conservatory curriculum I am grateful for their insight and suggestions all of those years ago! I believe that his respect and admiration for his teacher is largely responsible for his decision to follow the career path to being a music teacher himself! For 6 of the last eight years he was at the school he also took jazz and/or hip hop classes. Once again his teachers, particularly Miss Angelika enriched his experience at the school with her ability to train and inspire. Dance has not only contributed to his performance in school musical theatre productions, but it has given him better coordination as he adapts to his body growing and changing. The opportunity to perform at year end assemblies offered by the school has also given him a great deal of invaluable confidence. My older son has taken guitar lessons with Ryan for a couple of years and then he moved to Jonathan. Because the school offers multiple lessons in the same time slots, both of my boys were able to take lessons at the same time. A real time saver!! Again, his musical abilities have been encouraged and he has had opportunities to showcase his progress in the year-end concerts. He has a great passion for playing guitar and due to the consistent theory lessons throughout, he has a strong basis for writing music as well. My boys lives have been positively influenced by their experience at the school. From a parental standpoint the administrative staff have helped make scheduling a breeze. The fees for lessons have always been directly debited monthly from our bank account simplifying the payment process. The owners make themselves known and available. I have had them respond and manage any concerns I've had over the years immediately and fairly. At the beginning of summer they throw an annual year end BBQ bash to celebrate the kids and say thanks to the parents. Their generosity is unmatched.

Walnut Grove School Of Music And Dance has something for everyone!! We’ve been coming for over 4 years and my kids love it. The teachers are amazing with kids. It’s def become a family to us. With Music, dance and choir we have all our activities in one place. The staff are thoughtful and know each child and their names. My kids have made some amazing connections here. If you are looking for a dance home, you’ll be welcomed with open arms here.

Great school! My girls have been dancing here for several years - one just got her 10 year recognition. The girls have really enjoyed dancing at the school. It is very well run with professional and friendly staff. Highly recommend!

Our daughter has been part of walnut grove music and dance for 10yrs. Friendly staffs and wholesome environment. Kids love it when they put up a year end celebration each year. Making them feel special.

This dance school is AMAZING- we actually left for a year and ended up coming back because of the great service, impeccable organization and especially the organization of the final recital. This school has it dialed in so parents never feel stressed. It’s a gem. We will continue going here for years to come!

We love the school of dance! The teachers are really knowledgeable and nice, the costumes are always beautiful and the year end recital is super professional. I would recommend this school to everyone.

My daughter has been dancing at this school for 5 years. She loves it!! She has been in jazz and just started ballet. The staff are super friendly and the dance recitals are the best!

Excellent facility. Well run. Highly recommend to anyone getting started with dancing. Our daughter loves it. We’re coming back for our 4th year!!!!

Отличная школа! Я брал уроки танца и музыки здесь, когда был моложе, а теперь моя дочь и любит это! Очень рекомендую. Отличный персонал и учителя, которые заботятся и хотят, чтобы дети учились и веселились
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