White Spot

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Address  15157 BC-10, Surrey, BC V3S 9A5, Canada
Phone number  +1 778-574-5772
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Very polite staff, the staff is amazing. I ordered a salad and it came with nuts on it, I forgot to tell the waiter about my allergy but they were very polite and got me a new order with no nuts on it. Overall very pleased with the drinks and the food. The staff was very helpful and quick at serving.

Definately one of the better White Spot locations. My wife any I have been many times, the food and service are always great. If you're in the mood of a burger and fries or chicken pot pie, I would recommend it.

The food here is quite good. Prices are very good for what you get. Service is pretty good.

I like this location because it's usually quite during the weekdays. Usually do brunch here once in a while. They have a wide variety of sandwiches I loved the veggie quasida. The only crappy part is parking it always so hard to find a place to park as there's limited parking.

This is our 'local' White Spot. We always enjoy coming here. Sometimes it's worth calling ahead for a table (even if it's only 10 minutes notice). We've had a few order slipups but have always found the staff super friendly about any lengthy wait times or mistakes that we've never thought of going to another location. Please note this is definitely a family restaurant

Usually a bit crowded. However food and service is consistent as in good.
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